If you’re expecting another gushing review of anime from be after Juuni Kokuki then I suppose you are going to be disappointed with this one. But on the other hand you cant really expect anything I watch immediately after such a masterpiece to stack up all that well. Regardless, Black Cat delivers some classic entertainment and keeps you on your toes until the very end.

The story of Black Cat focuses mainly on the life of the assassin Train Heartnet and his transformation from coldhearted killer to lovable comedic warrior. Through his meetings with the other main characters and his self reflection after he gains his first real friend he changes his character completely. In doing so, Train breaks the heart of his long time partner Creed who views him as a kind of god on earth. Not wanting to let Train become a soft human, Creed vows to kill him to show how much he really means to him.

Of course you can also argue that the main character throughout the whole series was not really Train at all but instead the bio-weapon he was sent to destroy: Eve. Eve is a 14-ish year old girl who was engineered to be a nano-tech bio-weapon. Train is sent to kill her but through the efforts of Sven decides to spare her life and end up protecting her instead. Eve and Sven are really the two driving forces for the series and without giving too much away I would say that Eve is probably the most influential character of them all.

Really, the interaction between Eve and everyone else is the part of the show that kept me intrigued. Having no family or friends and being introverted (and totally moe), Eve becomes the center of attention. Her humor is always off base and unexpected. Her calm demeanor softens the friendship between the three main characters while her rare shows of emotion seem to be some of the more powerful parts of the series.

After watching this show I still had the urge to see more, which is always a good sign of a great anime. However several things kept me from declaring this series a complete success. First off, the Chronos numbers seem far too invincible even for suspension of disbelief. Obviously some must be defeated by Train and Creed for them to be “the best” but the enormous difference in power is kind of hard to stomach. Second, Creed is insane, we get it. Probably the most annoying part of the show is Creed’s insane infatuation with Train. Its not that its a gay relationship from Creed’s perspective because its more of hero worship than anything. Its more that we are reminded every episode that Creed wants to kill Train because he loves him. Over and over. The third thing was the last episode. Without giving anything away, the last arc of the show wraps up in the last episode. Actually, to be more accurate, it wraps up in the last 10 minutes. So the arc wraps up and then the story itself wraps up and the character’s futures are hinted at all in the last 10 minutes. After watching for 24 episodes and getting to know them all it was kind of a disappointment for me to have it end so abruptly.

Anyway, with the very very last scene in the show you can see how strong the character development was for Train and how he has matured throughout the experience. Black Cat was a very enjoyable anime for me and while I don’t see a sequel coming ever, I wouldn’t object to seeing more of these cool characters. So, for Black Cat, I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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