Nyaa! Tsukuyomi is something that I originally watched as it was coming out last year but lost interest in about episode 8. Hounded by my brother to watch the dvd special episode 26, I drug the series back out and watched it from the beginning. I’m really glad I did because it ground my original feelings about the show into the dirt and made me appreciate neko mimi a whole lot more. Spoilers: Everyone ends up wearing cat ears at least once.

Hazuki GothicTsukuyomi is about a photographer named Kouhei who, while on assignment in Germany, meets a vampire girl named Hazuki. Hazuki tricks him into letting her “kiss” him and become her servant. For some reason though, Kouhei is not effected by Hazuki’s bite and refuses to be her servant. Regardless, he rescues her from the castle she is in and she ends up living with himself and his grandfather. The remainder of the story is about Hazuki’s father’s attempts at getting her to return to the castle and Kouhei and cast’s refusal to let that happen. But mostly the show is about how many cat jokes a series can get away with.

I really enjoyed watching this show. The atmosphere of the show is one that varies between seriousness and then on to absolute silliness and back again. Throughout the show you are met with hilarity and then some moments of very troubling scenes. The flow from one to another is gradual over the course of an episode but even during the most serious scenes there is always the chance to throw in humor.

Hazuki HappynyaaThe style of humor for Tsukuyomi is basically three things: tsundere, puns and pans. Hazuki herself provides most of the tsundere humor. Her situation and personality make her transitions from being cute to being outrageous pretty funny and set up a lot of jokes for the rest of the cast. Later on, other characters take the role up as Hazuki gradually grows out of it and into a more mature character (relatively speaking). The show also has a TON of puns. The opener is nothing but a string of Japanese jokes and plays on words; most of which I didn’t get. Everything has cat ears as well. At some point in the show, every character wears cat ears at least once. The pans thing I still don’t quite get. Most awkward situations end with someone getting hit in the head with a pan or teapot. I still haven’t worked out what exactly it means, but its pretty funny regardless. There is also the (what I see as) very Japanese joke pattern of three repetitions of a tense statement, each time getting more serious with the last one ending in a non-sequiter. I found this to be very funny.

The plot of the show as a whole was kind of thin. I basically already spelled it out for you in the synopsis and it doesn’t deviate from that track. The love story part of the show is really the only thing that you end up trying to second guess. There are few real twists in the story and a few plot holes and unresolved issues exist which make watching it for story a bad idea. However, the characters make up for it.

Hazuki’s character development is really the major focus of the show I think. She starts out as a spoiled brat living in solitude in a castle with only her guardian to talk to. After living with Kouhei she learns to rely more on herself and less on her powers of manipulation as a vampire. She makes friends with her potential rivals and develops a great personality by the end of the show (minus the childish outbursts). This is very evident at the conclusion of the series where she helps a close personal enemy escape her own solitude and become part of the family. Her relationship with Kouhei develops from one of assumed mastership to one of admiration and the beginnings of romantic love.

Hazuki NekoThroughout the series I was left with a continual sense of “OMG Hazuki is absolutely adorable!” I don’t think I’ve wanted so bad to hug a character simply because of their cuteness. The cat ears make it all the better. One thing that did bother me was the obvious age difference between Kouhei and Hazuki when a portion of the plot is devoted to their growing relationship. So is this loli? I don’t know. Ages are never giving in the show so we can only guess. Kouhei’s mother left 14 years ago and we are left assuming that is when Hazuki’s mom left as well. Hazuki was old enough to talk and understand her mother was leaving when she left so she was around 2-4. Based on that I think it would be safe to assume Hazkui is around 16 while Kouhei is probably 20. Of course, we don’t know how vampires age so who knows.

Over all though, even as some things went unanswered and the plot was thin, Tsukuyomi makes up for it with its great cultural humor and adorable cat ears. So if you are going to watch this series, make sure you expect to be entertained and to develop an appreciation for cat ears. As such, Tsukuyomi gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Nyaa.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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