After having watched Shakugan no Shana, I really wanted to watch more of it, especially more stuff like the omake. Thankfully, a sequel to Shana was made and had the same characters, the same basic plot idea, and even the same voice actors. The difference? The title, Zero no Tsukaima. Spoiler: Louise is actually 16.

Zero no Tsukaima is a short series about a boy and a girl. The girl, Louise, is a failure at being a magician but has to summon a familiar because she is a sophomore at her magic academy. Unfortunately for her, and for Saito (the boy), she summons him from Japan by accident and he becomes her familiar. Hilarity then ensues.

Zero no Tsukaima’s Main CastThere isn’t a whole lot to say about Zero as it was a show made for hilarity and not exactly for plot. There is an underlying plot as you are told at the beginning at the Saito is a special familiar but aren’t told till near the end exactly why. The love story grows subtly and there are moments of actual tenderness interwoven into the tsundere relationship. There is also some political intrigue and some personal growth on behalf of some of the characters, but really this show is about comedy, boobs, and romance and not about an intricate story line.

Shana and LouiseWhen I say this show is Shana, I mean it. The voice actors for Louise and Saito are the same for Shana and Yuji. The voice actor for the princess is the same as Yoshida. Both Louise and Shana are the same personality as are Yuji and Saito. Both shows have a big breasted woman who turns from being a sloven whore to a softer.. skank.. Shana had a talking book, Zero has a talking sword. Louise likes Saito but wont admit it just like Shana and she has a rival in Siesta as Shana does in Yoshida. So from all outward appearances, the shows have the same characters. The major difference is that Shana was all about drama where has Zero was all about the funny.

The comedy in Zero is pretty good. There are a LOT of boob jokes (notably about Louise having none). There are also several situational comedy moments as well as out of character jokes. Personally, I laughed a lot at this show and couldn’t help it.

Perhaps the only insight I got from the show was the on going theme in anime of nobles versus commoners. This seems to be a running plot throughout animes I’ve been watching and, while not specific to Zero, it certainly played a vital role in its plot, comedy, and characters.

Overall, Zero no Tsukaima was very entertaining and kept me happy the whole time I watched it. While the plot was weak and you can see through the foreshadowing like a window, the humor of the show definitely made up for it. My only complaint was it was too short. Thankfully though, there will be another season sometime in 2007. So, overall, Zero no Tsukaima gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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