In the first of the reviews that will be coming out like a flurry the next few weeks as the 26 episodes fall series finally come to an end, I meet probably one of the most unsatisfying animes I have ever watched. Filled with amazing potential at the beginning of the show, Pumpkin Scissors does nothing but disappoint all the way till the end. Honestly, the experience of watching was like watching a man slowly being sucked into quicksand. Spoiler: There’s nothing to spoil.

Section IIIPumpkin Scissors is the tale of an army war relief unit. After a devastating war, the country is left in political and economic chaos. In order to combat the poverty and dissatisfaction within the population the army created Section III, Pumpkin Scissors. This elite section devotes it self to such tasks as: feeding the hungry, exposing drug rings, and digging up plot points that are never explored.

Don’t be fooled. This is about as dark as the show gets.Perhaps the most notable point of this anime is the obvious lack of any real plot. If you look at the synopsis I just gave, thats the whole show. Besides the episodic nature of the unit helping those in need, there is virtually nothing else in the show. This wouldn’t be so bad if that was it. But the story eventually digs up several references to the war that was never explained, an on going military cover up of.. something, an arms and development conspiracy involving the corporal, and a masked society that is apparently running the post-war underground with ties in the nobility. But besides their hinting at, absolutely nothing is explained or resolved. The seemingly wise old Captain Hunks of Section III knows something is afoot and apparently knows what it is, but whatever it is is never divulged.

Alice is hot, but she fails at being interesting.The characters in this show were also pretty boring. The Corporal is the most interesting as he comes from a mysterious Section IX and looks death in the face all the time. He also apparently was nothing but a killing machine created by R&D, which he wants to forget. He is weak minded and relies on everyone else for support in spite of the fact he is bigger and stronger than everyone else. The 2nd Lieutenant is hot, but thats about it. A noble by birth but a warrior at heart, she represents justice in the show between a corrupt aristocracy and the poor commoners. Unfortunately, she’s about as shallow a character as she is hot. She expounds long, annoying speeches which have the power to sway whoever is listening and never really develops as a character outside of that. The rest of the cast is generally inconsequential or are comic relief.

Really, the show lends itself to setting up for another season which doesn’t exist. The numerous plot threads and the lack of any resolution in any of them reminds me of the worst anime ever: Sword for Truth, only this doesn’t have any lesbian sex. To keep from being totally negative about it, Pumpkin Scissors does dwell a lot on the issue of commoners versus nobility; an issue that is brought up in several titles. If I had to take anything away from this, it is the sense of the animosity that dwells within the hearts of the Japanese people towards the traditional imperial court. Basically, luxury for them and poverty for the commoners (especially if you take into account the post-war sentiments of WWII). I could be totally wrong, but this is what i took from it.

Overall, unless there is a second season (I would have mixed feelings about this) of Pumpkin Scissors, the show was a tragic failure. Too many unresolved questions, shallow and annoying characters, episodic, the list goes on. I genuinely feel betrayed having watched this since September and having it end like it did. Because of this, Pumpkin Scissors gets a 2 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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