Wow, its taken me a week to write this review. In that time of procrastination I kept thinking one thing: What in the world can I say about Pani Poni Dash? There’s just so much.. stuff in it but at the same time a whole show about nothing. So here is my attempt at reviewing one of the most hilarious and ridiculous animes ever. Spoilers: lawl.

Parody is what Becky is all aboutThe plot of Pani Poni Dash is best summed up as such: Genius Becky, an 11 year old graduate from MIT, teaches a high school class in Japan fully of weirdoes. Hilarity ensues. Really, thats the plot. Nothing else of significance happens in the show. There is no plot, at all. However, what it lacks in plot it makes up for in sheer amounts of funny.

Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick BeckyThe humor of this show is hard to pin down. Most of it comes from three sources: 2chan, anime and manga references, and obscure cultural references. All three of these make the show extremely unfriendly to people who have either never been near something like 2chan or 4chan or have little experience with the Japanese geek culture. There are so many of these references that there are whole wikis and documentation devoted to explaining them to the viewer. (some subbers put the notes at the top of the screen so have the pause button ready) Even so, there are enough weird antics to go around even for the connoisseur of pratfalls and bad puns.

Himeko expounds some philosophyIf nothing else, this show has some great characters. Each main character has a unique trait that they keep through the whole show. There is no development to speak of, but this doesn’t mean you cant like them anyway. The traits all come into play in the seemingly weirdest places and add much hilarity to whatever situation the cast is in. Here are my favorites. Becky is a precocious preteen who is extremely tsun-tsun (look it up) but very cute. Himeko is a complete airhead who likes crab and saying “Maho!”. However, I would have to say the best character for me at least was Ichijou. Im a sucker for non-sequiturs and Ichijou is probably the queen of the unexpected. Her quasi-insanity coupled with her serious expression and calmness no matter what happens crack me up something fierce.

Obviously this is not a normal review because of the lack of normal things I focus on in anime: story and characters. But that doesn’t mean that a show lacking in either or both of these areas cant be great. Pani Poni Dash! is something that every anime lover, internet fruit, or culture otaku (yes the descriptions are intentionally jumbled) should probably watch. Sure, you wont get half the references even if you are told what they are, but you will still laugh. I did, a lot. Therefore, Pani Poni Dash! receives a prestigious 4.5 out of 5 stars. MAHO!

Rating: ★★★★½

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