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Kill la Kill

Few and far between are anime which I can consider to be perfect. In fact, from the beginning of my anime watching career back in 1998 until this writing there have only been a total of five shows which have garnered a solid “10 out of 10” from me. Granted, my finicky tastes and weird […]

Sailor Moon (Classic)

This is the first in a series on the original Sailor Moon anime. How does one even begin to start to review Sailor Moon? It’s kind of like trying to explain your childhood crush to someone as an adult. At the time, it meant so much to you and all the emotions and attachments you had […]


Fate/Zero is something of a weird concoction of the amazing, the mundane, and the downright awful and it all sort of melds together into something bland yet, despite yourself, you find you’d like some more. It’s basically the salt-water taffy of recent anime that I have watched.

Attack on Titan

Sometimes we learn lessons from even the most ridiculous of places. Case in point, from viewing Attack on Titan, I learned that the speed at which one watches something can greatly affect how one perceives it. Attack on Titan was 2013’s big thing in anime. Even though I was out of the loop up until […]

Aku no Hana

I’ve not watched a lot of anime lately as you can probably tell. Too much coming out of Japan these days is tripe littered with moe faces, slice of life without any comedy, or harem shows. Mostly all of that rolled together into a sticky-bun of awful. Ever since summer, though, Aku no Hana has […]