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Over the summer, when this show came out, there was another series staring another Haruhi. There was much to do about the other Haruhi and not much said about this one. Thats unfortunate given this show’s great humor and cast of characters, both of which should have stood out more against the competition. Spoilers: This […]

So today I watched all of Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (When Cicadas Cry). I have to say that after watching all 26 episodes I think my brain is going to explode, and more than likely my friends will end up blowing it up for me. Spoilers: everyone dies… at least once. When Cicadas Cry […]

Ah, Nanoha, how happy you make me. Seriously, the Nanoha saga just got better with the second season “A’s”. With this new season, Nanoha breaks down the stereotype of what a magical girl show should be like and what a magical girl can be. A’s is completely about a single story arc: the Book of […]

With such a shady and mixed reputation this show has how could I possibly turn down my brother’s demand that I watch it? Going into this anime I knew only two things: magical girls and pedobear approves. Fortunately, I discovered that only one of these is really accurate. Just like as happens in most magical […]

Black Cat

If you’re expecting another gushing review of anime from be after Juuni Kokuki then I suppose you are going to be disappointed with this one. But on the other hand you cant really expect anything I watch immediately after such a masterpiece to stack up all that well. Regardless, Black Cat delivers some classic entertainment […]