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Fate/Zero is something of a weird concoction of the amazing, the mundane, and the downright awful and it all sort of melds together into something bland yet, despite yourself, you find you’d like some more. It’s basically the salt-water taffy of recent anime that I have watched.

Fullani – フルアニ

I contend that nothing good ever comes of a story that begins with the words “So, this one time, I was on Hongfire.” And nothing proves this more than the tale I am about to tell. Be mindful that this post is not only possibly not safe for work, but probably not safe for you either.

So, this one time, I was on Hongfire. I had made this egregious mistake earlier this week while searching the vast and wondrous internet for mahjong games that I hadn’t seen before. I had already beaten a fairly high ranking guy on Tenhou and the day before had beaten a ridiculously hard AI on my iPhone mahjong app and so, feeling naively confident, I decided to hunt for a more “worthy” challenge. Clearly, as you can tell by the tone of my writing, my hubris would best me in the end.